Thawte SSL 123



Product Features

Certificate Authority Certificate Authority
Product Name Thawte SSL 123
Secures Single Domain - Both www and non-www domains
Best for Securing low volume online transactions
SEO Benifits Use SSL site-wide to get higher ranking in Google SERPs
Issuance In Minutes
Validation Domain Validation
Certificate Details Display domain name only on certificate
Supported Algorithm SHA-2 enabled
Certificate Encryption 256-bit certificate encryption and 2048-bit key length
Server License Unlimited - No extra cost for additional servers
SAN Support No
Warranty $500,000 Warranty
Green Bar No
Documentation No documents required
Browser Support 99.9% all desktop and mobile browsers
Refund 30 days full money back guarantee
Re-issue Unlimited during the certificate life-span
Site Seal Thawte Trusted Site Seal
Seal-in-Search No
Anti-Malware Scan No
Vulnerability Assessment No